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“A better lifestyle starts with a healthy workout.”

– Sgt. Michael Giardina

MikeMichael Giardina is the President and Founder of, MJG Fitness, Inc., which offers personal, group and corporate wellness focused on making individuals healthier, stronger, faster and more functional. The core methodologies that serve as the basis for MJG Fitness’ workouts are rooted in elite military training. Mr. Giardina is widely recognized for developing the popular, "Boot Camp Fit™" fitness program, which is an aggressive, military style circuit training regime, designed to push individuals both physically and mentally to levels they once thought impossible.

Prior to founding MJ G Fitness, Inc. Michael served in the United States Marine Corps. After enlisting in 2004 he trained at the School of Infantry at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina and was later deployed to Iraq. He was sent to Australia in 2007 for further military training and a year later was then sent to the Republic of Georgia, where he was responsible for training the Georgian Army in infantry tactics. In 2010, Mr. Giardina was deployed to Afghanistan as a member of the Scout Snipers, an elite unit he had been selected for which demands the highest level of mental and physical toughness. He returned home in 2011.

Sgt. Mike Giardina - Owner, MJG Fitness.

Sgt. Mike Giardina - Owner, MJG Fitness.

While serving in the Marine Corps, Mr. Giardina attended Notre Dame College where he studied psychology. In 2007 he achieved his certification in personal training and group fitness instruction. Michael founded, MJG Fitness, Inc. in 2009 so that he could fuel his passion of creating healthier and fuller lifestyles for others.

Michael has worked diligently to design his fitness programs to not only make others more physically fit, but to also help an individual gain mental toughness. The workouts are designed to be extremely challenging and rewarding, allowing participants to develop self-discipline and self-determination, which they can apply to other facets of their lives. He firmly believes in his philosophy that nothing is ever as bad as it seems and there is no obstacle that can't be conquered.

In addition to operating MJ G fitness, Inc., Michael currently serves as the Lead Trainer at Buckeye Wellness Center, a fitness rehab facility in Valley View, Ohio, which caters towards individuals with spinal cord injuries. He received his certification in SCI exercise therapy from Project Walk in Carlsbad, California.

Michael is a 2004 graduate of Twinsburg High School where he excelled in track and cross-country. He currently lives in Twinsburg with his wife, Jennie.

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We specialize in strength training, cardiovascular training, and plyometrics. When utilized in proper combinations and execution, this training will enable you to accomplish tasks you previously might have thought impossible.

Michael Giardina, a Sergeant in the US Marine Corps, is the founder of MJG Fitness

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